Landscaping Hunting Land For SaleIt's finally about to hit the turf!  The DiggerXT food plot and landscape machine is in the house!  As many of you know, we've worked our tails off on this particular unit.  Basically, we took all the feedback we heard from yourself and other users of our heralded Lil' Digger and made it a lot better.  The new DiggerXT is lighter, stronger, faster, and more nimble. Folks really wanted a dual purpose unit that could be used for back yard landscaping as well as for the creation and maintenance of food plots for deer hunting. We delivered big time with this new unit:

- It's versatile! Tug it behind an ATV or a tractor. Even a smaller garden tractor can pull this light weight unit. No need for a giant tractor or skidsteer. And the new EZHitch system makes attaching the unit fast and easy.

- It's Tough! The days of broken dig times and bent shovel ends are history. This new unit is welded from heat treated steel up to 1/2" thick which creates incredible strength and durability. Rocky terrain, areas with existing fencing, hard pack soil, this unit can handle it all and then some!

- It's Multi-Purpose! Now you don't need two different diggers for your landscaping and food plot needs. The DiggerXT easily converts from a back yard landscaping machine to an ultra effective tiller and planter for food plots of all sizes.  Regardless of the type of hunting land you own, have for sale, or have been hired to improve, the XT can create food plots of varying sizes that will attract giant trophy bucks like mad! Clover, Chikery, soy beans, and hybrid food plot seeds all function extremely well in this unit. And because of it's small size many deer hunters are able to plant small food plots right beneath their deer hunting stands or nearby or between bedding areas to serve as ambush spots. Bow hunters hunting the rut as well as rifle hunters have both benefited from the DiggerXT. And when it comes time to do some spring landscaping simply unbolt the wing tines and the feeding toppers to turn the unit into a landscaping and gardening tool you can use for any size garden or landscaped area. Transform your front yard landscaping into a beautiful and professional looking area you can truly be proud of.

- It's Easy to repair. We all know that planting food plots for deer hunting and landscaping the yard is tough work that can lead to broken pieces. The steel tines, while incredibly tough, can get caught on rocks and become dull, bend or even break. Past models featured welded tines, which meant that the replacements also had to be welded on. The New Digger XT is designed with fast and easy bolt on and off tines and feeder pots. Break a tine or pot while planning the perfect front yard landscape or deer stand feeding area? No sweat, simply take a 1/2" wrench or socket and swap out the broken piece with a new one!

- Bulletproof finish! OK, maybe not bulletproof but we've increased the U.V. and rust resistance of all of the metal to create a design that will last a lifetime. We understand that many of these units are left out back in the yard, or out in the woods or field out on the back 40 acres of hunting property. Not everyone has the space to store these units in a garage or pole building, so we designed the new DiggerXT to be ultra rust resistant in any type of weather.  Hot, baking sun to being buried in 3 feet of Wisconsin snow, these units will not fail! (see review at - great place to find hunting land for sale in wisconsin as well).

- Easy to use! There has never been an easier tiller to hitch and roll! Simply use the fast pin to attach the tongue to your tractor or ATV, pop down the tines with the QUICKLIFT handle, and you're off and tilling! Seriously quick and painless design produces excellent results with half the work as other food plat and landscaping tillers. Spend less time working and more time hunting or enjoying your yard or huinting land!

- Multi-Purpose! Digger XT works great for long range rifle food plots or areas for bow and crossbow hunting.

- Easy to clean! The ultra rust resistant finish means you can simply blast it with a hose and let the sun do the rest. No more worrying about dry times and all that other nonsense.

- Available soon! We are currently taking orders from dealers. Act now to reserve a unit in time for the fall hunting season! (photo courtesy RocksFast - online retailer of fake rocks and fake boulder hunting blinds)

- Coming Soon! We are currently working with 2 central Wisconsin landscaping companies and a recreational property real estate company to provide DiggerXT units in exchange for some marketing footage and images. Primarily we will have HD video of the DiggerXT in action in a home garden landscaping project and also on a piece of hunting property being prepped for food plot planting. We hope the videos will provide potential customers with solid ideas of how easy to use and versatile these units are and how they can be easily adapted for use on both 2WD and 4WD ATV's. While many folks consider these as only being useful on hunting land, the fact is even small gardens and residential home landscape areas can also benefit from them. Once the video is shot and edited we will post them here.

Now accepting dealer applications! Please contact us for additional information.

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